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Numerous Lane Violations, Abrupt Stop, Confused, Belligerent…

Officer testifies that client committed numerous marked lanes violations over an extremely short period of time before coming to an “abrupt” stop in response to the officer’s lights and siren.  There is an extremely strong odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle and client refuses to make eye contact with, or otherwise acknowledge, the officer’s presence.  It is alleged that client was extremely confused, disorientated and that he fell from the vehicle when asked to exit.  Subsequent to his arrest, client allegedly became even more disruptive and made disparaging remarks about the arresting officer’s mother.   On cross-examination, the defense demonstrates that the actual location of the defendant’s operation is inconsistent with the officer’s testimony on that issue.  Questions about the officer’s credibility and memory of the event also raise doubt as to the client’s guilt.  VERDICT:  NOT GUILTY

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